Reasons Why Slavery Must be Abolished Everywhere

Even though we all know and believe that slavery is cruel and heartless, the problem is that it still exists in many countries across the world. However, millions of people were enslaved throughout history. Even though we have traces of slavery today too, not everyone is interested in abolishing it. This is why it is important for us to look back into history and see why slavery was abolished in the first place. This way, you can be motived to do it once again. The following are some such reasons why this hideous habit was abolished long time ago.

There are Alternatives

One of the popular theories is that slavery took place due to commercial reasons. A lot of rich people used slaves for hard labor since they did not want to waste money on man power. Even though this certainly made them richer and the business more successful, it was soon realized that there is no need to make people slaves in order to make money. Alternatives ways of making money was suggested and followed through.

Extremist Policies

Even though slaves were initially used for labor, they were also continuously physically and sexually abused by their masters. This made their lives more miserable. While some countries based slavery on lineage, others tended to focus on ethnic and religious minorities. The thoughts of Dr Jonathan Brown slavery show us that even the strongest religious of today were enslaved and abused at a time. This shows that with time, people change their opinions. However, this change might be too late for some people.

It is wrong

The most obvious and simplest reason as to why slavery should be abolished is because it is wrong. Regardless of the reasons, no one should be allowed to sell another person or own their life. Every man and woman must be born as a free person and must live so until their last day. So, engaging in such behavior is a crime.

We can give thousands of reasons as to why slavery is wrong and why it should be abolished. However, it is up to the society to make sure that this abolishment is implemented as soon as possible.