What You Need to Know About the Fit of a Suit

If there is just one rule you need to remember about wearing a suit, it is this – it should fit you perfectly. Of course, it would be great if you paid attention to other tips and tricks as well but this one is the most important. This is because an ill-fitting suit can completely ruin the appearance of a man. It doesn’t matter what brand he is wearing or how much the ensemble cost. If the fit is poor, then the whole affect is compromised. To avoid this happening to you, here is what you should focus on:

Length and Width of the Jacket

To discover the perfect width of the jacket, you will need to consider it when the top button has been buttoned. Now, the jacket should be snug around the waist but not overly constricting. Conversely, you should not get jackets that hang any looser than this as well. It will simply drag you down. When it comes to length, you will need to think about how tall you are. For those below 5’9, the jacket should end an inch or two below your waist, at the most. Those who are taller can have a slightly longer jacket. If you are shopping online at a store such as four piece suit, make sure that you take the necessary measurements. Then, compare it to the measurements that have been providing regarding a specific jacket.

The Sleeves

This can be a little confusing as this length changes as you move your arms around. However, slip the jacket on and bend your wrists, palms facing the ground. At this point, your jacket sleeve should end about one-fourth of an inch below your wrist. Remember, when you are wearing a shirt, the shirt sleeves should be able to peek through.

The Pants

This is another topic that is frequently debated. Typically the ideal length is considered to be just one break in your pants. A break is that small wrinkle that is formed when the hem of your pants rests on your shoe. It is best to avoid going any shorter or longer than that.

These are some of the most important things that you need to know about just how a suit needs to fit you.