Why the Internet Economy is Booming

More and more businesses are being launched on the internet. This is because the internet is comprised of a population of 3 billion individuals. Doing business has never been more convenient and cost-effective. So, it is no surprise that the average annual growth of e-commerce is about 25 percent. If you are wondering why exactly everyone is taken with cyberspace, here are a few reasons.


Do you remember that figure? 3 billion. While business will only come from a small percentage of people, a “small percentage” of 3 billion is a lot! Conducting the business online enables companies to reach a global market, rather than being limited to a local audience.

Low Costs

Not only are no startup costs, but there are barely any operational costs involved as well. There are almost (and entirely) free services and tools that can be used to create fully functional websites and apps on which the business can be conducted in its entirety.

Being a Global Player

Local companies and entrepreneurs can go achieve global fame and success. Just ask self-made online entrepreneurs like Com Mirza, whose success story is one for the ages. With barely any investment of time and money, businesses can easily access the global marketplace and strike it big, bringing in both revenue and recognition.

Sign of the Times

Modernity and keeping up with the times are essential to a successful business. If products and services are obsolete, the companies that offer them will fade into obsolescence too. This is why businesses are always seeking to constantly improve, and consumers demand constant upgrades as well. By going online, businesses are ensuring their survival and progress, as advancements in technology have been making offline businesses more and more redundant over the last few years.

These are not the only reasons that physical business are slowly dwindling in favor of online alternatives. Being able to do business 24/7, offering better customer support, and improving on products, services, and business practices have all influenced the decision to move operations partially or fully online.